Mammography screening


In Finland, mammography examinations are legally performed in the form of screenings for women aged 50 to 69. An invitation to the screening is sent every two years. A change found in a timely manner guarantees timely access to treatment. We offer breast cancer screenings carried out by our professionals in contract municipalities all over Finland.

When you are invited to mammography screening, you can change the time of your screening time around the clock via the Internet link "Change your appointment". The users ID is for single use only. The ID and password can be found in the box in the middle of the invitation letter. The personal identification number should be written in the appointment program in the format:

Municipalities under contract 2020

Mammography screenings are performed around the year in Riihimäki

Expected schedule:

  • Kajaani begins in between Jan-Feb and lasts until the beginning of autumn.
  • Suomussalmi and Hyrynsalmi begin during March-May, imaging conducted in Suomussalmi
  • Sotkamo begins in the beginning of Autumn, during August-September-October. Imaging conducted in Kajaani
  • Kuhmo is carried out during Autumn, August-September
  • Paltamo and Ristijärvi are carried out during November-December. Imaging is done in Kajaani.

For more information call us, tel. 020 728 9980.

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