Radiologikeskus is a service company specialized in medical screenings and teleradiology as well as in mediating radiological professionals. Our customers are public and private sectors' health care units. Radiologikeskus has been mediating professionals for over 20 years, and during the past few years we have strengthened our selection with the help of a comprehensive collaborator network. Radiologikeskus delivers remote services that enable notable efficiency during the holiday and on-duty times. The cornerstones of our operations include:

  • Strong know-how in the field from over 20 years of experience
  • Cost-efficient and high-quality service entities
  • Top professionals and most up-to-date examination diagnostics
  • Extensive collaborator and partner network


When providing an overall service entity for radiological units, we take responsibility for all radiologic operations to the extent wanted. Our top priority is to ensure available and reliable examinations at all times – with a competitive pricing. The service model is perfect for customers who want to streamline their operations and achieve savings in expenses – without compromising on quality.

Mammographic Screenings

We take part in providing mammographic screenings defined by law. The quality of screenings and the reliability of service are our most important service promises. We offer mammographic screenings either as an overall service or only in part – always with a competitive price, and always conducted by top professionals. Our customers can choose from different service models: screenings in a fixed location, in our mobile unit or on the customer’s own premises.


With the help of our radiologist service and renting we ensure the availability of reports and examinations for our customers at all times. We organize radiologists for day and night shifts as well as for on-call duties and reduction of queues. We continuously recruit new radiologists for part- and full-time employment.

REMOTE reading service

Remote reading provides our customers with cost-efficient teleradiological reports with a high reliability of delivery, conducted by the best professionals in the field. Our technical solution is compatible with all health care operators. Our service employs tens of professionals on a daily basis, and we continuously seek new talents to join our crew.

Our service employs tens of professionals on a daily basis. We are continuously recruiting.

Mobile Mammography - Imaging services close to you

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