X-ray refers to traditional native imaging. More common causes of X-rays include bone and joint trauma, suspected lung disease, and joint and spine wear. There is no need to prepare for the X-ray examination separately.

X-rays are radiation examinations that always require a doctor's referral.
Our doctor Harri will help you find the right imaging solution. Read more about remote reception.

The x-ray is performed by a trained radiologist and the imaging takes a few minutes. X-rays are interpreted by a radiology specialist.

X-rays are taken at the Kajaani office. For more information, please contact 044 974 9369.

X-ray prices

Upper limb area 105 – 116€96 – 105€
Lower limb area
105 – 223€96 – 207€
Thorax X-ray (lung photo)117€108€
X-ray of the neck, chest and lumbar spine105 – 185€94 – 174€
Paranasal sinuses X-ray, one image96 – 105€87 – 94€

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