Customer experience and quality

Quality is perceptible when things are taken care of

At Suomen Radiologikeskus, the common goal of all personnel is to take care of the customer and his or her health, and quality is also created by good cooperation with customers.

We get feedback in daily customer encounters. Everyone can make an impact.

In our daily work, we strive to take the customer as an individual into account in guiding, preparing for examinations and procedures and hearing the diagnosis. We support and report on diagnosis and follow-up in an understandable and empathetic way.

We want every customer to feel welcome and considered the way they need to. Every day we do things as a team, so that the client’s treatment path runs smoothly.

There was a good and secure feeling that everything is fine.

It was a pleasant surprise how good service I received.

There was no feeling of burden, as it sometimes happens when you go elsewhere.

Our patient information system is completely electronic. We update our information systems regularly. Our electronic system enables fast processing, analysis and double reading of research opinions. Our chief of medicine is Jari Juola, a specialist in radiology who is active in the field and has more than 30 years of experience in the field. He actively monitors the statements and he also works as an employee in all our offices.

In our operations, we also take into account the instructions and laws of the authorities. We cooperate with Fyse Oy in technical quality assurance and medical physics expert services. In external audits, we cooperate with Labquality Oy.

Our staff is professional. With regular additional training, they update and maintain their professional skills. Our staff constantly evaluates their own work. Through evaluation, we regularly develop the services and operating methods we provide, aiming to continuously improve our operations.