Arvot, missio ja visio


Our values are:

With high quality

High-quality expert work with a big heart

Caringly/With care

We take care of our customers and staff


We do our work as agreed and take responsibility

By developing

We do impressive work with constantly developing – profitably and competitively

Our mission is meaningful work. We provide imaging and healthcare services with professionalism, high quality and flexibility.

Our vision is to be an innovative, reliable and sought-after expert imaging services partner for our customers and stakeholders.

Our services meet our customers needs and expectations. The goal of our operations is to promote well-being and health of our customers, and to produce increasingly high-quality services. The customer is always considered and served personally and individually.

In responsible customer service, we operate ethically, transparently and taking into account people's special needs and limitations. The most important thing for us is satisfied customers.

There was a good and secure feeling that everything is fine.

It was a pleasant surprise how good service I received.

There was no feeling of burden, as it sometimes happens when you go elsewhere.

Responsibility is a prerequisite for our operations

Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers by communicating about our services in an understandable and clear way. We are genuine and honest in everything we do. The service process must be smooth from the beginning to the end of the customer journey, and we strive to continuously develop this based on the feedback we receive

In our operations, we also take into account the instructions and laws of the authorities. We cooperate with Fyse Oy.

 Our staff is professional. With regular additional training, they update and maintain their professional skills. Our staff is constantly evaluating their own work. With the help of the assessment, we develop the services we produce and our operating methods on a regular basis, aiming for continuous development.